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Proclaimed   Father of Europe   by the European Parliament !

1950 European Community & Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
resulting in

Western Europe's FIRST three-quarters of a century of peace in all its history !


Be thankful you live in THE LONGEST PERIOD OF PEACE and PROSPERITY in Western EUROPE'S HISTORY.    


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                Brexit Cause & Solution



 European Community and Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

* Schuman defines and discusses DEMOCRACY

*Schuman's speech at Schuman Plan Conference -- the birth of the European Community, creating supranational institutions,  20 June 1950 (English)                  Original French

* When will the Commission tell the TRUTH about Europe?

* Full text SCHUMAN DECLARATION on  9 May 1950

* What were Schuman's purposes behind his Declaration?

* Declaration of Europe 1951 -- Declaration of Interdependence. Learn what is the true democratic foundation of Europe

* Déclaration de l'Europe 1951 Déclaration de l'Interdépendance



* EU's energy non-policy. Europe must reverse dependency and mobilise in a Community to become an Energy super-power!  

* What did Schuman say about the reunification of Germany?

* Schuman, Israel and Near East history

* Strasbourg 1949: Schuman calls for a supranational European Community to end thousands of years of war. This is a year before the Schuman Declaration of 9May 1950

*Schuman's UN speeches announcing European Democracy 1948 and the European Community in 1949

* Discours de Schuman aux Nations Unies 1948 sur l'Allemagne et la Communauté européenne 1949

*Schuman and Human Rights law,  the foundation the New Europe 

*SCHUMAN and the 1948 Hague conferences 

* L'Inspirateur de l'Europe, Schuman ou Monnet?

* The inspirer of Europe, Schuman or Monnet?

*Governments FAIL their school report on the Democracy obligations of the Treaties!

* Why a Supranational Community is better than a Federation

* A Europe-wide referendum to save European treaties? 

How to manage disastrous CLIMATE    CHANGE 

* FIVE institutions for Europe   

* The supranational Community solution for CYPRUS

Is Turkey European? Is Cyprus? Is Russia? 


* Was Schuman's Warning of the Nazi extermination of the Jews -- the first warning to governments? The creation of Human Rights in Europe and a supranational community.

Jihad 9:    Muhammad and the limits to Free Speech


Circus8:   2014 ‘Year of fooling the People’ ends with Council’s Constitutional Coup d'Etat by Press Release

*WARNING! Counterfeiters of European History OFFICIALLY at Work! 
*   Open Letter to President Barroso on fraudulent history and the "Together since 1957" campaign 
*   Lettre ouverte a President Barroso sur la falsification de l'histoire constitutionnelle  
*   Schuman on Democratic Liberty  
Europe's first Constitution? 
EU's forgotten duty 
How Ukraine can join the EU -- FAST!  

* Schuman defines European democracy 

Passports, fingerprints and frauds  
Trans-Atlantic Dueling or Dual Assembly?  
*  Robert Rochefort, Schuman's biographer and Chef-de-Cabinet  
*   Open Letter to EU President Tony Blair  
Open letter to EU President Juncker  
*A fertile Community of Peace in the Near East  
*   Une Communauté de Paix au Proche-Orient  
Europe's Geography already extends worldwide!    
* Enlargement: long awaited! Collect EU's 5 keys 
* News and Analysis  Articles

Books (out of print)

1997: Question of the Millennium:
New Cold War or Common European Home?
ISBN: 095272726 17

Book: New Cold War or Common European Home?

History has never dealt Europe with an easier chance for its unity than the 1990s. Yet that window of opportunity is now closing fast. Serious conflicts will follow. ... Schuman was the architect of Franco-German reconciliation, of the practical means to prevent another catastrophic war in Western Europe. Now that heritage is being thrown in doubt.

Long-term political trust can best be built on a sector-specific structure for irreversible organised peace.It is based on a careful discernment of vital interests and technological innovation: the Schuman method. 

Two structures:

  • a Military security structure, assuring there will be no more cold war, based on a supranational system controlling satellite surveillance and rocket launching.
  • a soundly based Energy Community to revitalise central and eastern European economies

1997, 2000
Russia and the danger for the European Union
ISBN: 0952727609
European Energy Community

Copies were sent and offered to all European Commissioners and to institutions.

Russia and the Danger for the European
                        Union, book

We are entering a major, new epoch of history. The disintegration of the Soviet military and ideological super-power system is comparable in importance to the end of the Roman Empire. The challenge of this generation is to heal the European continent of its historic divisions. A major change in geopolitical thinking is needed...
Russia's most crucial lack is a democratic link which binds its interest to the rest of Europe. France, Germany Italy and the Benelux forged such a purifying link in 1950. It detoxified hate and made war not only unthinkable but materially impossible. .. The West needs Russia's help almost as much as Russia needs the West.
Even before the first eurocrat began work,Schuman was confident that the {Community} process would change our future: "The potentialities .. will rapidly lead us towards the complete economic and political unification of Europe."

Proposal: To solve our present-day problems, to build trust, confidence and security, this European Energy and Steel Community, EEST, would embrace the EU and potential new member states. It would provide a democratic backbone for stable development. The supranational system, set in motion by Schuman, was designed to unify the continent.

Schuman's speeches prove he launched his international call for a supranational Community as Prime Minister years before the French decision of 9 May 1950. It describes his vision for a European Democracy of Democracies and the origin, purpose and future of Europe.  
ISBN: 0952727641 


Why is Europe in a crisis following the No of French,  Dutch  Irish referendums? In 1963 Robert Schuman, the initiator of today's European Union, warned that political counterfeiters were already undermining the new European democracy. How? You need to read the surprising answers in this Open Letter sent to all the presidents of European institutions and heads of all 25 member states! ISBN 0952727668


After sixty years being hidden in the archives, kept secret by Europe's politicians and ignored,



Supranational Democracy in Europe must be founded on the

'Free Choice of the People'
not politicians!
The Community's Declaration of

  French Text             English Text



Great Charter of the Community


initiating EUROPE'S DEMOCRATIC future!  

  The Charter is Europe's Guarantee of real democracy. But France did not transmit the authenticated copies of the signed text to Member States as required by Treaty law!
Result? The Member States did not enact the Charter as European law with the other sections of the founding treaty. No elections have taken place according to the principles in the treaties. The Charter activates the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in all aspects of the EU and the Euratom

'Europe must in the near future introduce elections by direct universal suffrage of the members of the European Parliament who are to exercise powers of deliberation and control, in conformity with the Charter of the Community.' Robert Schuman, Pour l'Europe, p146. 

European Parliament is one of  FIVE key INDEPENDENT institutions in a supranational democracy including one single Europe-wide election under a single statute How the Council undemocratically 'fixes' its Parliament.

Why did the EU 'forget' to celebrate its democratic principles?  



TEST YOURSELF: Europe's Founding Treaty. No, not the  Treaties of Rome ! The one that created the democratic framework for Europe!

The intelligent person's Guide to European treaties

the most powerful non-proliferation treaty ever conceived. Read how politicians 'chloroformed' it. World security requires that it be woken up! 


Letters to European leaders:     

Schuman Project's

 2001 Warning to the European Commission of 

EU's coming Energy,  Financial and Ideological Crises  and how to avoid the 'slippery slope to MEGA-DISASTER'


  What is the European Commission for?


  1.  Is there ONE Honest person in half a billion?

  2. Is the European Commission a RETIREMENT HOME for failed, retired or unwanted politicians?

  3. Europe's disgraceful record about nationalism in the Commission

  4. How NOT to elect to the European Commission!

  5. Open Letter: How to elect the Commission according to the treaties



Books by David Heilbron Price now available


Robert Schuman traveled to Yugoslavia in 1934 and surveyed the dangerous situation and tensions then developing. He warned the French Government and French Foreign Minister Louis Barthou of plots against King Alexander on a planned visit to France. Barthou took no notice and was assassinated too at Marseilles. Schuman subsequently wrote an article describing principles how Yugoslav unity could be maintained for peace and prosperity for all. These principles were those that he successfully introduced to bring peace to France, Germany and other States of the European Community.
Schuman & the Yugoslav Assassination, book

Mrs Gina Miller brought a case to the UK Supreme Court to stop the UK government leaving the EU without full consultation with the Parliament. The submissions of all parties in the High Court and Supreme Court are reproduced in this book, together with the judgements of both courts.
An introduction by David Heilbron Price frames the importance of the decision in the context of British history. He describes the ancient British concepts of democratic governance that included nation-wide consensus (referendums), courts and parliamentary assembly.  The classical writers rated ancient Britain as the most just system of their time. it had developed over hundreds of years before the Romans arrived. The Miller case marks a significant step in the evolution of British democracy and just governance despite invasions by Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Normans who imposed centralised government.

Brexit, Miler and Henry VIII, book


Communications BOOKS

Don't Brexit, Fix it! Book available
Europe in a democratic Crisis.
UK's referendum vote to LEAVE the European Union caught the Cameron Government, many Britons and the EU HQ in Brussels by surprise. Why? Lack of preparedness for the hugely complex task. The real cause? The dissembling of politicians. The early treaties were debated for adherence to Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in the Council of Europe.
  In 1975 the UK Referendum gave two thirds majority support for membership of the European Communities.
  Then politicians ignored the articles on open governance and created new treaties, either without referendums or against votes rejecting the treaties. Politicians on both sides of the Channel colluded in this Democratic Deficit and Deceit.
Under de Gaulle's corrupt rules, spending on Agriculture (CAP) reached 70% of the entire budget for Meat Mountains and Wine Lakes.
  UK politicians had many times promised a referendum on each of the subsequent European treaties but never allowed one. Each European treaty altered the British Constitutional order. Then instead of having a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty PM Cameron called a referendum on Article 50 of a treaty no one had ever agreed to.
  Illegal and immoral!
  Everyone knew the treaty was practically identical to the 2004 Constitutional treaty that was rejected in French and Dutch referendums. All politicians acknowledged it would have been roundly rejected in a UK Referendum -- if its citizens had been allowed to vote then!  Other countries too. Instead the articles of the rejected Constitutional Treaty were imported into the existing treaty without asking the voters and against their wishes.
   This threatens the European democratic order. The Lisbon treaty is  undemocratic, even anti-democratic, but politicians in the Councils use it to control the democracies of all Member States.

  Now politicians have to confront the consequences.
  Will this deceitful and constitutionally dangerous Brexit threaten the unity of the United Kingdom? Will Scotland leave the UK? What will happen to Northern Ireland and Wales?
   Will the shock of losing EU's second power shatter the EU? Brexit could act as an earthquake for Brussels where its politicians have not shaken off their neo-Gaullist attitudes that denied full Human Rights supervision of treaties, and prevented proper Europe-wide, one person, one vote elections.
  Behind closed doors, politicians still hold Councils on tax, budget spending, agriculture and fisheries etc that are contrary even to treaties themselves. Taxation requires proper representation and accountability
The honest alternative.
These books highlight a quite different potential. A Golden Age for Britain, for Europe and for the Planet! Brexit provides an extraordinary opportunity to relaunch Europe based on its founding principles. These brought the squabbling States of Europe their first real peace in more than 2000 years.
  A Golden Age for global trade, democracy and public happiness is possible. Will it happen? All this depends on starting discussions on the right basis, an ethical and moral one. This book shows how. Written by the Editor of the Schuman Project who has researched the origin, purpose and future of Europe's peace miracle, this book provides answers for success.
Book: Brexit and Britain's Vision for Europe



Robert Schuman was the first French Deputy to be arrested by the Nazis. In August 1942, he escaped from Germany and brought to the Free French Zone important documents exposing the parlous and vulnerable state of the German economy. He also brought probably the first information about the systematic Nazi destruction of the Jews. He spoke to large audiences about the inevitable Victory of the Allies. After the war as Prime Minister and Foreign Minister he was instrumental in bringing in the European law of Human Rights that would arrest loss of liberties that could lead to another Dachau. 

ISBN: 5800106692032

Robert Schuman, Jalonneur
              de la Paix mondiale RS Jalonneur Back

ISBN: 978 1 1291 43392 0

In 1949 the Soviet Union exploded its own Atomic Bomb. A few months later Robert Schuman introduced a Community Plan to make 'war not only unthinkable but materially impossible.' How were these principles applied in  the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) to prevent a nuclear arms race in Europe? How can Euratom, the innovative non-proliferation treaty of Europe, be applied to make the world free of the nuclear threat? 

                    Nuclear War book
ISBN: 978 1 291 63895 0



On 20 July1948, Schuman's first government with Georges Bidault as Foreign Minister, proposed to Foreign Ministers of the Brussels Pact States meeting in the Hague the creation of a European Assembly (later the Council of Europe) and a Customs Union (later the European Community) as a means to make war impossible and found lay Europe's democratic foundations for peace and prosperity.

On 5 May1949, at St James's Palace, London, Schuman announced to all Foreign Ministers of the Council of Europe and all foreign ambassadors present that European cooperation would soon lead to a Community,  'a vast and enduring SUPRANATIONAL union'.   It would ensure the peace and independence of democratic countries by mutual support and agreement. It would encourage positive patriotism.

16 May 1949
in Strasbourg, he explained that this 'great experiment' would fulfil the dream of Europeans over ten centuries for 'enduring peace'. A 'European Community' would reconcile nations in a 'supranational association'. He concluded: 'This new policy probably constitutes the supreme attempt to save our continent and preserve the world from suicide.
He announced the  COMING CENTURY OF SUPRANATIONAL COMMUNITIES:  Extracts of speech.

On 9 May1950,
he presented the SCHUMAN PROPOSAL, after French Government's favourable Decision, to Parliament. Then he made a suprise announcement on the radio and explained it before the world's press. It invited all European countries to join in the 'gathering of European nations' by creating a supranational European Community based on a democratic European rule of law at first in the coal and steel sector. It would make war not only unthinkable but materially impossible, and reconcile, unify, develop, transform Europe and serve its populations and world development in prosperity and peace. 

18 April 1951: Six founder Member States,
after signing the Treaty that had been voted in all their Parliaments, pledged that this, the 'first supranational institution,' laid the TRUE FOUNDATION for an organised Europe 'open to all states that are free to decide'.
These speeches are reproduced in the  Book: 
'Schuman or Monnet? The real Architect of Europe' 
 Europe was made for Enlargement 
Learn about the most exciting adventure in all European history!
It's happening NOW!
1945 to 2024: the  LONGEST  period of PEACE in Western Europe 
 Robert Schuman
''Father of Europe'
French Prime Minister (1947-8) and Foreign Minister (1948-53)
Creator of the European Union,
Political innovator for the new millennium:
the means to 'make war not only unthinkable but materially impossible'
 'A peace that was not merely a liquidation of war but a construction of the future.'
'The national flourishes within the supranational'
'May from henceforth this idea of a reconciled, united and strong Europe become a watchword for the younger generations desirous of serving a humanity free at last from hate and fear.'

Do you understand the origin and purpose of the European Community and the difference between the Community and the European Union?
Test yourself!        
    *Robert Schuman's Proposal of 9 May 1950      The French Government declared its Decision and open invitation to create Europe
      * Purpose of the Schuman Proposal     Did it include  stopping war, creating a  common market  and the  Euro?
         *Was the Proposal the start of a European Federation?       Will Europe become a Super-State? The supranational explained
         *What contemporaries thought of Schuman       What sort of man was the Father of Europe?
         *Wha did Schuman say about post-Soviet Europe?     In 1959 Schuman predicted the fall of the USSR
         * Learn about Schuman's life        A chronology of his achievements
      * Ten Propositions from Robert Schuman's speeches      What Schuman stood for
          *United States policy on the European Community     What the USA said about the Schuman Plan for a united Europe.
          * What did Schuman say about Globalization?    Can the supranational method save our world?
          * 9 May 2011: 61st Anniversary of Europe's peace plan      Nobel laureate John Hulme calls for EU peace teams

     *Further information on the Schuman Project                           Articles for publication  Press Radio TV etc

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